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China Construction Industrial & Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter as CCIEE), founded in 1991 and with registered capital of RMB 1.35billion, is a tier-2 specialized company wholly-funded by China State Construction Engineering Corp. (CSCEC - one of the Global Fortune 500 enterprises, ranked 23rd in the year of 2018). CCIEE originated from the Production and Construction Corps of the Chinese People's Liberation Army which were formed in 1949 and had undertaken the earliest military airports and plants in China. Currently CCIEE is specialized in engineering design, construction, manufacturing, and investment in buildings, petrochemical & industrial complex, and public infrastructures, and has become CSCEC’s most competitive specialized subsidiary.

CCIEE has the capacity of integrating the entire value chain from investment to design, manufacturing, construction and operation. CCIEE leads both nationally and internationally in its two core businesses of Petrochemical Projects and MEP Installation. It also has three featured businesses of Equipment Manufacturing (incl. fabrication of wind turbine supporting columns, petrochemical facilities, structural steel, shield tunneling machine, etc.), Electronics (incl. design, construction and operation of intelligent cities, enterprises and plants) and Railway construction (incl. railway H&L voltage systems, track-laying and underground integrated pipe corridors).

CCIEE is accredited by ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001 and ASME (for pressure vessel and power boiler). CCIEE has won 42 pieces of Luban Awards, 28 National Quality Project Awards, 5 Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prizes, 4 National Steel Structure Gold Prizes, 260 high quality project awards at provincial and higher levels, 17 China Installation Star Awards, etc. and has accomplished 11 pieces of National Construction Methods, 184 pieces of Provincial Construction Methods, participated in the writing of 7 national professional standards, obtained 380 national patents, 50 invention patents, and copyright of 14 software.

CCIEE has across the board credentials and qualifications: Top Grade General Construction Contractor for petrochemical projects; Grade A General Construction Contractor for MEP installation projects, house-building projects and municipal & utility projects; Grade A Professional Contractor for Steel Structure Projects and Firefighting Facilities; Grade B Professional Contractor for railway track laying and beam erection, electronics and intelligent systems; Grade C Professional Contractor for railway electrical service and electrification; Class A designer & Counselor for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and house-building projects; Class B designer for storage & conveying of refined oil of food industry.

CCIEE has successfully undertaken over 400 key domestic and overseas projects in the above-mentioned fields, which earnt it the reputation of “Iron Army” and maintained its leading position in the domestic installation industry.

CCIEE is headquartered in Nanjing and has recruited 7,000 employees. It has 21 regional branches, 7 wholly-owned/holding subsidiaries in China, and 6 overseas branches. Its markets have expanded inside, as well as, outside China. In China, it has undertaken landmark projects such as the China Zun (height of 528m, the largest intelligent lifting steel platform in the world), the Shenzhen Ping’an International Finance Center (height of 660m), the Guangzhou New TV Tower (height of 610m), the 1500 TPA SDP EPC Project, the200 KMTPA Aromatic Hydrocarbon Combination Unit EPC Project, etc.. In Congo (Brazzaville), Gabon, Mauritius, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Pakistan, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, Bahamas, Ecuador, etc., we have completed dozens of bench-marking projects, which have improved local economy and promoted employment.

CCIEE is committed to fulfilling its CSR. We promote the concept of green construction and make use of green technologies to protect environment. We participated in the post-disaster reconstruction of new Yushu City, sponsor poor children in a long-run, invited Chinese Medical Team in Gabon to provide free medical service for employees of our Gabon Libreville Stadium Project as well as surrounding local residents, make donations to schools in destitute area, etc..

With the military origin, CCIEE adheres to the corporate culture of “Military Soul & Craftsman Spirit”. By “Military soul”, we emphasize customer-oriented concept and firmly conduct business with integrity; by “Craftsman Spirit” we continuously make improvement and provide high quality projects. We take our performance culture very seriously, and believe it is the best way to maximize value and achieve win-win outcomes with stakeholders.

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